NAGA Worlds Grappling Championship

December 9th and 10th 2017

Nytex Sports Centre, North Richland Hills

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Greg Gillespie

Aaron Mags


Coach Clark and Coach Roger were promoted to the rank of Brown Belt by NG Founder and Head Instructor, Chris Brennan on 12/05/2017.



Next Generation MMA - Anna (formerly Anna Jiu Jitsu) is the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submisison Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts gym in Anna, Texas.


Being the first of its kind here in Anna, our objective is to introduce the community to a fun way for kids and adults to learn a beneficial skill set and to get in shape while doing it.

Our instructors actively train  under UFC, Pride FC, ADCC and King of the Cage Veteran, Chris Brennan, who is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has fought and competed all over the world. Our goal is to spread his style of Nogi Jiu Jitsu to as many people as possible.

We look forward to training with you at NG-Anna where your first class is always FREE!



Our Coaches

Kids Promotions


New Promotions:


Clark Miller MS,CSCS

Owner and Head Instructor.  

Current BJJ Brown Belt with 8 years of training and is a resident of Anna.

roger myers ii 


Current BJJ Brown Belt with 6 years of training and is a resident of Anna.